Did you trade the Playbook for the Emini's we posted this morning?

Earlier today, we posted a complimentary set of trade suggestions for the indices. We traded to those setups ourselves and the trade log (ahead of the brokerage statements which run through a nightly cycle), is presented here below. We added only one speculative trade to the mix while trading only 3 of the 4 index futures while choosing to trade the 30-Year Treasury futures alongside the 3 index futures. Here are the results for you to download:


If you like what we do, come visit us at https://www.tradeguidance.com and fill out a contact form and tell us what you like trading and what your style is. Regardless of the size of your portfolio or trading account, our service provides you with undivided attention where our Lead Analyst takes a personal interest in your financial success with one-on-one mentoring.In the trades today and being a day with news that generates reactionary trades, we traded just 1 lot and added a trade with the Treasury futures which moves nicely and evenly on FOMC action days.