Dry Edible Beans CO & NE Grower Bids
Greeley, CO        Wed Sep 11, 2019    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

Dry Edible Beans Daily Grower Bids - ND/MN and NE CO/WY/W NE

***2019 New Crop Grower Bids***

Beans                Region              Bids            Change
Pinto                ND/MN             20.00-22.00       20.00-22.00 higher
                     NE CO/WY/W NE       22.00           22.00 higher

Black                ND/MN             23.00-24.00       23.00-24.00 higher

Great Northern       NE CO/WY/W NE       27.00           27.00 higher

Navy                 ND/MN               23.00           23.00 higher

Light Red Kidneys    ND/MN             34.00-35.00       34.00-35.00 higher
                     NE CO/WY/W NE       35.00           35.00 higher

Grower: Delivered elevator thresher run in 100 lb bags.

Source:       USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
              Jonathan Gittlein 970-353-9750 [email protected]

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